ANFOs lesetips: 5 artikler om reklame og markedsføring fra denne uka som du bør få med deg

Blir 2018 året der den digitale reklamebobla sprekker? Og hva betyr Facebooks nye algoritmer?

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Jan Morten Drange, administrerende direktør i ANFO (Annonsørforeningen). Fotograf: AVIA

ANFOs lesetips er vår nye spalte i samarbeid med Annonsørforeningen og direktør Jan Morten Drange. 

Han leser «det meste» av internasjonale fagnettsteder om reklame og markedsføring, og deler mange av disse blant annet på Linkedin

Hver uke oppsummerer vi de fem beste, viktigste eller mest interessante artiklene i en anbefaling: 


1. Hva betyr Facebooks nye algoritmer? Digiday skriver godt om dette: 


'We're losing hope': Facebook tells publishers big change is coming to News Feed - Digiday

The end is nigh. Facebook is planning a major change to its news feed, starting as early as next week, that will decisively favor user content and effectively deprioritize publishers' content, according to three publishers that have been briefed by the platform ahead of the move.


2. Markedsførere betaler for visninger vi ikke trenger. Hvis vi ikke forandrer oss, går vi mot en boble: 


Andrew Willshire: Will this be the year the online advertising bubble bursts?

He called his broker and sold all his holdings, just days before the 1929 stock market crash that triggered the Great Depression. He escaped with his wealth intact; most did not. Bubbles are a common historical phenomenon.


3. AdNews med spådommer for året som kommer:


Bots, bitcoin and slaves to the algorithm - ad tech predictions for 2018 - AdNews

As revealed in last year's predictions wrap for 2017, further market consolidation happened within the ad tech sphere, VC funding dried up, buzz heightened around AI, VR and AR, and the job-hopping space was rife. The race to scale and relevance was marked by more acquisitions this year.


4. Åpenhet og transparens blir viktig i år: 


'We're walking the walk': Advertisers put transparency on the top of their 2018 to-do lists - Digiday

Advertisers, impatient with the rest of the supply chain's slow attempts to become more transparent, are taking matters into their own hands. Marketers talked a lot in 2017 about wanting to know exactly what ads they buy in the murky world of online advertising, yet too few were able to find out.


5. Og en liten MeToo-elefant til slutt:


Elephants in the media room: women do it too

We are all considering a future where one thing is for sure - change is the new normal and we all have to get comfortable with it. One of the changes we've all become aware of is the new normal in the way women get treated in the workplace and how we are becoming better in calling out bad behaviour.

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